Saints Aren't Born Saints
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Hello, my name is Paris and I'm from Los Angeles but living in Boston. I'm rather fond of New York City, Sailor Moon, Isabel Marant, astrology, shoegaze,Jane Birkin,witty intellectuals, New Wave, lingerie sets, granola, boyfriend jeans, drummers, the Cote D'Azure, and Godard films.........I'm just a very gregarious, mildly abrasive non-cognitivist and feminist with a blog. INTJ 

true story: i met three of my college friends by literally walking into them obliviously on convocation day, and the other i met in the midst of vocally explaining why nipple piercings interfere with breast feeding. 

do you know where your roommate's skirt is from in that pic you posted? it's so cute
- Anonymous

Some small store in the Bay Area


"what did you do over summer?" “disappoint my parents"

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